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Pixocial Technology is a Singapore-based tech company with over 130 team members worldwide at our offices in Singapore, the Bay Area, Tokyo, Beijing, Shenzhen, Xiamen and many other regions. Our products include AirBrush, BeautyPlus, as well as photo editing SaaS and other new platforms in the creativity and productivity industry. We serve over 10 billion users globally and are rapidly growing in ARR and profit.


Data Platform
R&D Engineer


Job Description

  • 1. Responsible for building data systems for our apps and continuously optimizing our data-oriented operation capacity based on data, algorithm, and engineering capabilities.
  • 2. Participate in the planning and construction of big data basic frameworks and technology systems, including data collection, smart and automatic data processing and construction, and data quality and system stability construction.
  • 3. Learn and research new technologies to meet product requirements.
  • 4. Cooperate with our business team to solve problems with technological solutions.


  • 1. Bachelor degree or above and 2 years or more industry-related work experience.
  • 2. Strong skills in Java development and familiar with one or more framework technologies, such as Springboot, Hibernate, Mybatis.
  • 3. Fluency in one or more coding languages, such as Python, Shell; familiar with the Linux system development environment.
  • 4. Experience with common database technologies, such as Mysql, MongoDB, Redis; skilled use of SQL for data analysis.
  • 5. Familiar with one or more big data architecture technologies, such as Hadoop, Mapreduce, Hive, Hbase, Spark, Flink, Kafka, OLAP.
  • 6. Responsible with good coding habits and logical thinking abilities; strong ability in analysis and problem-solving; focused on team communication and cooperation.


Data Warehouse


Job Description

  • 1. Carry out data warehouse modeling based on business requirements, and ensure that the data is easily accessible, reliable and accurate.
  • 2. Cooperate with other data warehouse engineers to ensure the overall operational status and performance of the data warehouse environment, as well as design, develop, test, monitor, manage, and verify data warehouse activities, including defining standards for the data warehouse and troubleshooting and effectively solving problems of ETL processes.
  • 3. Research new tools and methods to improve team skills and efficiency.
  • 4. Explore the best practise of ETL, coverting business issues and requirements into data models to improve the team's data ability.
  • 5. Cooperate with the business team to answer basic business questions based on data analysis.


  • 1. Fluency in data modeling, ability to adapt to the design and implementation of complex data structures and evaluate the generality of multiple composite requirements and continuously optimize them.
  • 2. Experience in dealing with unstructured data and complex ETL processes; ability to adjust stream processing and batch processing apps and data pipeline performance.
  • 3. Understand or are familiar with agile development processes and principles with experience completing the whole life cycle from requirements to deployment.
  • 4. Fluency in writing SQL code and the ability to optimize its query performance.
  • 5. Experience in writing at least one of these languages: Python/Java/Scala.
  • 6. Experience in using data pipeline orchestration tools, such as Airflow.


  • 1. Experience in using enterprise cloud computing, such as GCP, AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, etc.
  • 2. Experience in traffic analysis and tracking.
  • 3. Willing to practice data engineering and data science.
  • 4. Rich working experience in the SaaS industry.
  • 5. Proficient in the field of data engineering or smart business.

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